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Tips for Living Happily through your Kitchen Renovation

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

1. Hire a designer and contractor that you trust. Take the time to plan out the design and save up, rather than rushing in and making costly mistakes along the way.

2. If possible, live in the space first. You will further grasp what works well and what NEEDS to change.

3. Make yourself a little apartment within your house. Make the most of this space with multi-functional items.

4. Section off the construction zone with poly tarps, to cut down on the mess.

5. Plan for your temporary kitchen area. This would include access to water, to wash dishes and fill up pots for cooking.

6. When packing up the items from your kitchen, this is the time to sort through and donate, sell, or dispose what you no longer need. For the items you are keeping, label your boxes or totes (preferable clear) with an inventory list. Be specific. This will not only help when you are searching for an item during the renovation. It will help significantly when you are unpacking and filling your new kitchen! Keep the labels/ inventory lists visible when all stacked in storage.

7. Use a folding table or movable island as your temporary kitchen zone. Reduce your dishes and cookware down to the essentials. Enough cutlery, mugs, bowls, plates, and glasses for the members in your household. Storage will be limited, so will be the area to wash and dry dishes.

8. Borrow or purchase an Induction Cooktop, along with a compatible pot and pan. Keep only the utensils you see yourself using for the meals you can make. Store the utensils in a crock, to cut down on space or need for a drawer.

9. Borrow or purchase a toaster oven, with an interior large enough to cook a pizza. This will be great to have in addition to a microwave.

10. Gather the small appliances you cannot live without (Coffee maker, blender, microwave, toaster, etc.)

11. Meal Plan and Prep! Take the time to bake and batch cook meals before the demo. Research and save simple recipes that can be made with your temporary kitchen.

12. Borrow or purchase a deep freezer to store all the pre-made meals.

13. Use your existing refrigerator for daily use, even if you have purchased a new one. Don’t rush to sell or dispose of this.

14. Gather board games to play for family time. It can be stressful reducing your living space and easy to get sick of one another. Coming together for some quality time without electronics can be fun.

15. Borrow or purchase noise cancelling headphones.

16. Go outside! A walk will help to free you from the mess and noise. You will return less stressed, like a mini vacation!

17. Keep your inspiration images printed out and visible. This will remind you daily of why you ever agreed to rip your house apart in the first place.

18. It will be great! Just like childbirth, it will be worth it, and you will be crazy enough to consider doing it all again!

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