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A Paramedic's journey through PTSD

Have you ever needed a paramedic? I did, when my son had a seizure at 18 months. I had no idea what to do. I felt completely helpless. I still remember the paramedics seeming so calm and collected while I felt so chaotic and emotional. I took that feeling of helplessness and my love for science and became a paramedic. I wanted to bring calm to chaos. I gave that career 11 years of dedication. I wanted to help. I loved to help. I loved the excitement and I loved my co-workers. Although we were warned in school about PTSD, I didn’t really get it. I suppose it’s similar to parental advice when you are going through your teenage years.

PTSD can change your life in a second. I remember going to work on Aug. 29/17 a happy mother and wife and coming home a completely broken version of myself. My perception of the world was altered. My brain felt broken. I took this picture today because this is the shirt I often wear during my installations for my design projects. Installation days are my absolute favourite and this shirt is a reminder to me of how far I have come. From just coping to loving life again. I’m living such a different life now, than I was just a year ago. I am so grateful to the people that offered support and helped me get to this point. I miss my co-workers like crazy, but I am posting this to say how grateful I am to paramedics, fire, police and dispatchers. They are amazing humans! They truly do risk their lives for others. Not even just physically,, but mentally. Thank you to the first responders that continue to love their jobs, but please know there is a life outside of it as well. I will do my best to continue to prove that to myself and others. #firstresponders#paramedic#grateful#ptsdawareness#happiness#ivegotyourback911#liveyourbestlife#supportothers#saythankyou#ems#fire#police#911dispatcher#bekind#selfcare#therapy#shiftworker#entrepreneur#leadership#inspireothers#dreambig

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