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Reduce the Overwhelm on Your Next Design Project

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The homeowners that come to us, have one thing in common- OVERWHELM! Some have invested time and money attempting to do it all themselves yet are unhappy with the results. Others have been completely paralyzed with indecision, therefore not making any changes, and continuing to live in a home they just don’t love. It does not have to be this way.

The common finding, I encounter are homes that are added to sporadically over time, with selections that are made independently, without intention or an established vision. Perhaps there was an irresistible sale, a new trend, or maybe a tight deadline to select in the building or renovation process? A space that is developed piece by piece, is ultimately gambling on the what the end result may be.

At a time when design inspiration is everywhere, it would seem in theory that this abundance could be helpful. I would have to say it is great, however, only if you know how to navigate it. Deciding is just as important as using restraint.

So, how do you establish a vision for your next project?

  1. Ignore how your home is now. Trust me, it will eliminate the overthink on the next step.

  2. Comb through images on Pinterest, Instagram, and design magazines. Save everything that you LOVE the look of. Full room images are best. Don’t think about why you love it, just save it.

  3. Objectively look through these gathered images. You are ready for this step when you have at least 20 images per room.

  4. Ask yourself- What are the common threads? Do you see colour or neutral tones? Are there metal finishes- brass, gold, black or silver? Are there wood elements- Light or dark? Etc. Write down your findings.

  5. What do you NOT see? Pick an element- one at a time, and search for it in all images. Perhaps you are designing your kitchen and assumed you like black hardware on white cabinets: Did you even save white cabinetry repeatedly? If so, does the white cabinetry have black hardware or do most appear to have brass?

  6. Lastly, let your preconceived ideas go. These images will be your guide. EVERY step along the way, so keep them handy. They will keep you honest and hold you accountable. Do not be persuaded by sales, friendly advice, or a rushed decision… always consult your images before making the selection. Every detail matters.

Still feel the overwhelm and looking for further guidance? Please connect with us on our website to learn about our services.

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