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I had an Idea...

I HAD AN IDEA. One single moment that sparked a change for the trajectory of my life. I could have kept the idea to myself. I could have found a ton of reasons for why it wasn’t a good time, wasn’t possible and wasn’t something I was capable of. For some reason though, I had an inner strength and an unwavering belief in myself and knew within my gut it needed to happen. I resigned

from a career I once loved. I pushed myself to learn a completely new trade and submersed myself in all things business. I went ALL IN, in pursuit of what I wanted for my life. Dreams are great ideas, but I wanted to live it out. So, I tried. I continue to try every day. Today, I am sitting in my commercial office space with my warehouse full of inventory in the back. The offices that surround mine are for my team members. I am now a leader of a team of 2 full time employees and 4 part time. I say “leader” because I want to teach and lead by example. I want to overcome challenges and see the meaning within those lessons. I want to inspire and create a working environment that people are excited to be in. I am leading a team of people that are valued and appreciated. I want everyone to realize they are an integral part of what it means to be part of BryCo. Interiors. It doesn’t come easy. It wasn’t handed to me. I don’t have investors or a start up loan. I have the courage to take risks and curiosity to always be learning. To be honest, I also have a moving truck as my personal vehicle, because that was the sacrifice I needed to make as a start up. A fully loaded SUV was what I traded in to help make my dream happen. I have a website sitting on the internet that I helped to design. I have an Instagram and Facebook page full of photos of interiors that I created. I have poured my heart out through the words within the posts sprinkled throughout, in hope that it will inspire even one person to reach for more. Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder what the hell I am doing. Who is this girl? I was a paramedic just last year and now I am an entrepreneur running a design business?! I have come to realize I am myself. I am Jami. Just a girl with a dream trying to make the world a nicer and prettier place. Thank you for being here. Truly.

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