Design Consulting

This service is ideal for you, if you enjoy taking on design & decorating projects yourself and are looking for professional guidance & advice to help get you the best results. With our experience in Full-Service Design with New Builds, Renovations and Full Home Decorating, we will help guide you to bring your project to life. We will help you establish your overall vision for the space before jumping into decision making. 


Our established process for bringing projects to life from concept to completion, will be shared with you during our time together, so you can make educated and confident decisions along the way as you implement the project on your own.


All projects begin with a consultation, where you will meet with our designer for up to 2 hours (in-person or virtually). This is our chance to get to know each other, see the space, understand your scope of work, and gather information about how the home will be used. Our consultations are educational and provide value through initial design ideas, estimated budget requirements, where to save and splurge, and anything else that may pop up during our time together. 

If we are a good fit, we offer blocks of time in 5 hour increments.. This is held on retainer and customized to suit your needs.