Single Visit In-Home,

2 Hour Consultation

If you are looking for a little BryCo. Interiors influence and advice and aren’t ready to commit to Full-Service Design & Decorating, our 2-hour consultation is the service for you! Designed for clients with tighter budgets, a love for shopping and DIY.


Principal designer Jami and her design associate will come to your home for a maximum of 2-hours to answer all your pressing design questions and provide you with advice and direction for your home that you can implement on your own!

This service is client-driven and action-packed, so be prepared with a list of questions, samples, sketches, inspiration images and a notebook to take all the notes. You can use this time with Jami to select paint colours, talk about furniture arrangements, get advice for renovation ideas, you name it, and Jami will answer it.

It is important to note, this service is does not extend beyond the initial consultation. This is a conceptual service to help clients feel confident in their design decisions. BryCo. Interiors is not responsible for the implementation or measurements of any advice given or any purchases made by the clients. If you think you may need a bit more than guidance in one single visit, please consider our Full-Service design & Decorating instead, where we take care of it all, from concept to completion!

Ready to book your single visit, in-home 2 hour consultation? Spots are limited! Please fill out the consultation form below to get started.

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